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Specialists in New Zealand lease agreements.

Commercial landlords and tenants often want the same thing: to have a long term tenancy with suitable terms that create reliability, predictability and trust. 
As experienced leasing lawyers, NZ Legal can work with property owners or tenants to create a lease agreement that protects the mutual interests of both parties.

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Leasing for
property owners

A good leasing agreement is one that’s appealing to tenants while also protecting your investment. With the right clauses in place, you can attract good tenants and encourage them to stay in the premises long term.

We aim to create a mutually beneficial relationship between landlords and tenants. We do this by:

Drafting leasing agreements

Negotiating leasing terms and advising on potential amendments

Managing and documenting rent reviews

Advising on premises upgrades and fit out contributions

Reviewing licences and other related agreements

Handling end of tenancy obligations

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Leasing for tenants

Favourable lease terms can bring stability and reliability that commercial tenants need to run businesses. 

Having a specialist leasing lawyer helps to reduce the power balance that often exists between tenants and landlords. NZ Legal is an experienced advocate for tenants in all leasing matters, including:

Reviewing lease agreements and advising on potential amendments

Negotiating lease terms, including changes to existing lease agreements

Advising on rent reviews

Managing end of tenancy processes

What tenants need to know: 7 tips when signing a new commercial lease

Popular Commercial Lease Services

These are some of the popular Commercial Leasing services we offer. Fixed fee, easy and affordable.


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