The Type Of People Who Help in a Commercial Property Buying Journey

Post last updated:
November 1, 2022

Having the right people makes all the difference in finding and financing the right commercial property. 

There are five different specialists that help along the way - this is your guide to what they do, with a recommendation for people we’ve worked with and can vouch for.

They’re great at their jobs and great at making the process easy for you.

1. Lawyer

There’s a lot of legal work that goes into making sure your property purchase is favourable. Buyers tend to just want the legal process to be taken care of for them, and we understand this.

At NZ Legal, we can take care of all legal due diligence in relation to the property, including reviewing any existing lease documents. 

We take a commercial approach to explaining how any issues will impact you long term.

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2. Property Lender

Mortgages on commercial properties are different to residential, regardless of who your lender is. Interest rates are higher, lenders require a higher deposit, and the length of the loan is shorter.

You’ll probably have an existing banking contact who can help to navigate the process for you. It tends to be easier to stick with your current lender - particularly when it comes to viewing the finance situation for your whole portfolio.

However, if you are not tied to a bank, we suggest a commercial property specialist.  

Recommendation: James Beale - Westpac NZ

3. Valuer

An independent property valuer makes sure you’re paying a fair market price for your property.

They also help with rent reviews, lease renewals and refinancing, so it’s worth having a good relationship with a valuer you trust for future work beyond just the purchase.

Recommendation: Ian Colcord - Seagers

Ian is one of the more experienced commercial valuers in Auckland, particularly around the city fringe.

4. Property manager

If you’re going to lease your property out, having a property manager makes becoming a landlord straightforward. 

There can be a lot of admin involved in finding tenants, doing rent reviews and dealing with day to day requirements and maintenance.

A good property manager balances your best interests while keeping tenants happy at the same time.

Recommendation: Nick Healy - Attune

Nick has worked with world-leading companies and tenants, and Attune’s fee structure is proportional to the returns your property generates, which makes them more affordable than others.

5. Real estate agent

Having a real estate agent in your corner really helps to find a property that you’re interested in. 

When you start out looking to buy a commercial property, call a real estate agent early on in the process  - they’ll monitor the market and let you know when there’s a listing that fits what you’re looking for.


West Auckland: Mark Preston - Bayleys

North Shore: Matt Prentice - Colliers

Auckland City: Jonathan Lynch - Colliers

South Auckland: Blair James - James Group

Another key person in the process is the tenant. If you’re going to lease the property, the ideal tenant is an established business who is financially reliable. 

A lawyer will look into existing tenants and leases as part of the due diligence process.

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